Friday, April 3, 2015

Live a Life Worth Reading About!

I have a motto in life. "We're all stories in the end" (yes, I know that's a quote from Doctor Who). So, I try to make it a good one. I'm only 15 (turning 16 next month!) and I don't know what I want to do with the rest of my life yet. 

However, I don't plan on sitting in an office for the rest of my working days. I don't plan on spending my youth on doing things other people force me to or I don't enjoy doing. 

I want to travel, meet new people, have a creative job, read as many books as I can, listen to as much music as I can, take photographs, go on late-night adventures, look at the stars, help people in need.

In my opinion, doing things that are out of your comfort zone, while you're truly alive, is what makes it worth it. I think the best advice I can give, with the amount of knowledge and wisdom that I have at age 15, is: Live a Life Worth Reading About!




  1. That's a beautiful vision, Helen! I'm glad you realize these things even in such a young age!